Yet another year has oh screw this bullshit you know what’s up.

TV shows, I watched them this year as well, here are some of the ones I liked.

A Young Doctor’s Notebook

Based on russian stories, Harry Potter finds himself as a young doctor, deployed to a lonely hospital in the midst of the russian nowhere. Some revolution stuff going on around him and lots of heroin to keep him company. It’s dark, cynical, hilarious and sad as hell.
I loved it.

The Americans

A couple of russian spies live undercover in cold war USA. Lots of tension between and around them, things happening to and because of them and such and such.
Interesting stuff.

How to Get Away with Murder

A story of a law school class being entangled in some nasty stuff. I primarily plowed through the show because I just really wanted to know what exactly happened on the day that’s being teased from episode 1 on, but besides that, there’s probably not that much going for it. Some decent characters, some characters I am probably supposed to give a shit about but don’t, and what have you. Not the kind of show I’d recommend to anyone, but if you’re looking for a show to fill the emptiness left by another show’s hiatus, there you go.


Vikings didn’t wear horny hats, and this show does it right. Besides that, lots of murdering people with axes.
Pretty neat.

Black Mirror

A Twilight-Zone-y collection of short stories set in modern or near-futuristic times, where current and possible future technologies are the basis for absurd, depressing or just intrigueing scenarios.
I love it, and it actually creeps me out sometimes.
If you watch only one episode, watch s01e01. As far as I remember it’s the only one set in current times, and maybe because of that it’s one of the most interesting in my opinion.

Halt and Catch Fire

Remember when PCs where a really early, innovative and groundbreaking field? I don’t, because I’m not an old fuck.
In any case, this show is still pretty interesting, telling the story of the struggle of an early PC developing process, including a female programming prodigy and a corporate douchebag.


Bilbo is entangled in a weird murdery blaickmaily thing and people die.


Kind of a british cop show, kind of a history lesson on Jack the Ripper era murders. Entertaining at the least and featuring our favorite cabbie.

The Knick

Think Boardwalk Empire. Now think House, MD. Now mush them both together and you kind of get a sense of what The Knick is. And yes, you put the drug addicted genius doctor and put him in a hospital in a-couple-decades-ago-and-I-forgot-when-exactly.
Not sure if depressing or just interesting.


Oh my glob it’s absurdly hilarious.

Veronica Mars

No, seriously. It took me until 2014 to watch that.
Yeah. Calmed down?
Yes, it was nice. Yes, the high school/college teen bullshittery was kind of annoying at times, but oh well. Fun detective times were had on the other end.


Something about a graphic novel containing information for someā€¦ thing? Conspiracy stuff, revolving around the idea that humanity would be better off if there was less of it crawling around, but I can’t talk about that too much since figuring that shit out is kind of the point of season 1 anyway.

Wonderful show featuring my favorite yellow-suited henchman yet.

True Detective

Dark atmosphere, cynical cops, unresolved issues, and an ending that seems to polarize the watchers. It’s just 8 episodes in its first season, but boy did I love every second of it. One of the first show in quite some time which made me eagerly wait for each new episode coming out.

If you hated the ending: Don’t tell me about it.
If you loved it: Okay kewl.

In the Flesh

The usualy zombie story done different.
We’ve all seen the usualy zombie outbreak armageddon survival shit often enough, but what happens if after the outbreak, a cure is found and former zombies are re-introduced in society?
Nice thought experiment featuring a gay protagonist, which is also nice.

Gravity Falls

Because everybody loved cartoons that are only theoretically suitable for kids.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

I watched Fullmetal Alchemist minus the Brotherhood before I watched FMA:B, and even though the plots (and endings) diverge greatly, I still think I preferred the character development and backstories of minor characters in FMA. However, watching FMA:B felt like a tearduct-teasing summary through the first half of the show, which was nice, and followed it up with a, in my opinion, more satisfying conclusion to the story.
I recommend both Fullmetal Alchemist and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, but don’t repeat my mistake and watch them both back to back, you will get bored by the repetion.


Some people love it to death.
I liked it.
But no, seriously, it’s a thouroughly enjoyable story of a girl discovering her affinity to futuristic motorcycle-robot-thingies and kicking some serious ass.
What’s not to like.

The Future Diary

It started out like any other japanese Anime: At a school. It ended with a lot of brainfucky shit going down. I think I’m still a little confused by what exactly happened, but let’s just say I’m now much less keen on being able to predict the future.


A fairly dark, partially violent and very atmospheric anime. I loved every second of it.
It combines many things I love about anime, and if you know similar ones I’d appreciate some recommendations.


Human-ish woman with giant fucking sword slashing not-so-human things? Count me in.

It’s basically the first Anime next to Attack on Titan which made me plow through the internet to find the associated Manga series to find out how the story continues.

Other shows not mentioned

Yes, I still and obviously love Game of Thrones, Orphan Black, Orange is the new Black, House of Cards and what have you, but I’ve seen them all before 2014 and I wanted to focus on shows that I watched recently, i.e. have never seen before the current year.

Shows I totally didn’t forget the first time around

Tokyo Ghoul

Yet another fairly dark Anime. Kind of reminded me of Claymore as far as the not-really-humans eating humans stuff goes, but the story takes a kind of unexpected turn in the beginning. At least I didn’t expect it. Let’s just say it’s not your usual “humans fighting against savage creatures”-stuff.

Black Books

Hilarious british comedy.
Just that.
Also, much too short.

The Leftovers

Imagine a small percentage of humanity just randomly disappears without any warning, any reason or any explanation.
Imagine how the remaining people would feel of, for example, half their family is just gone in an instant.
And that’s The Leftovers.

Dead Set

Imagine your usual zombie outbreak scenario.
got it pictured? Okay.
Now imagine this shit goes down while you’re stuck in the british set of Big Brother.
Weirded out?
Well that’s the idea behind Dead Set.
I especially enjoyed the ending.