Shows going down the drain lately

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but lately I’ve done a lot of stuff with tv shows.
Along the way, I noticed some trends with a few shows which seemed quite interesting to me, namely some shows were going straight down the drain, at least as far as their recent ratings are concerned.

The projects I’m referring to are these two:

Let’s look at some of the… more interesting ones.

American Horror Story

Not sure about you, but to me, that looks like the show’s glory days are coming to and end. I loved season 1, and the horror part really got me. Remember when that one thing in season 1 happened and you were really scared by it? Yeah, me too. It was so scary, it even lead me to make a generic and spoiler-free reference to it about 4 years later.
Anyway, season 1 was new and interesting and kind of creepy, and I really liked it. Season 2 came, and it creeped me out. Not in “oh noes scary murderers” but in a “shiiiiit” kind of way. The horror seemed more psychological, and the focus of the seasons seemed to be on the horrible things humans can be capable of, with a hefty dose of nazi-reference. Also, seasons 1 and 2 had intros which were enough to make me shiver, which is why I was delighted to learn that the same people also brought aus the intro to The Walking Dead.

As far as season 3 goes, I really don’t have a lot to say about it. Yes, there was a horrible torturey lady, but the hole magic business just didn’t appeal to me. That and the totally predictable and utterly cheesy ending lead to be being way less excited about season 4, and what can I say, my low expectations were… correct. Freak Show was interesting enough, and who I believed to be the main antagonist of the season was killed a few episodes in, so at least there was a surprise in it for me. The rest of the season was creepy spoiled prick against the carne folk, and well. It was okay, but it didn’t compare to seasons 1 and 2. But maybe it’s just my lack of empathy that made me only really care about Ma Petite’s death and not giving a crap about the ending of the season. I really hope season 5 can pick the show back up, it would be sad to see it slide into shittyness.

The Big Bang Theory

I stopped watching the show early in season 7, and judging by the ratings, I haven’t missed a lot. While the show is polarizing enough as it is, I really don’t feel like talking about it a lot here. It seemed to be that the show that could have been a show for geeks became a show about geeks and was much less appealing to people who were actually familiar with geek culture. The occasional video game reference or mathematical theorem might have been nice once, but as soon as the show started to be about socially awkward people dating people of varying kinds of awkwardness, I was just bored by it, and if the ratings are any indication, others might agree. It looks like you can clearly see that the show jumped the shark after 5 seasons and from then on everything went gradually shittier.
Nice plot.

Family Guy

Do you like random bullshit and tongue-in-check references or just flat out weirdness? If not, you probably don’t care about Family Guy anyway.
Since my humour seems to strangely revolve around random bullshit, I loved the show ever since I started watching it sometime when season 4 was going on.
Lately however, the show took a weird turn, and I mean really weird. First there was that thing were Brian died and was brought back a little later, and in one of the most recent episodes Stewie impregnated himself with Brian’s (a dog, ICYMI) DNA, and gave birth to a bunch of human-dog hybrids with severe mental deficiencies.
That was an odd one.
Looking at the ratings, the show seems to have been pretty consistently in the good spectrum around 8, so the dive it takes in the most recent episodes is kind of scary. I wonder how much of that will actually stick around, knowing that the ratings will usually be biased towards one end of the scale right after an episode airs and then normalize over a few weeks.

Bob’s Burgers

I love Bob’s Burgers and think it’s one of the funniest animated shows on TV right now. There, I said it. Screw you, userbase who apparently dislikes the recent episodes in comparison to the previous seasons, you’re weird and I won’t invite you to my birthday.

The Walking Dead

This is the one that makes me question the userbase the most.
I think we can all agree that season 1 was pretty good, but season 2? Season 2 had massive production issues, starting with AMC getting rid of the showrunner who poured his heart and a bunch of his friends into it, cutting the budget a lot and ordering a lot more episodes than season 1. For more details, see YMS’ 4 part take on seasons 1 and 2, and after watching that, I can assure you you’ll realize how much of a trainwreck season 2 actually is.
Personally, I think the whole prison thing in season 3, season 4 with Terminus and even season 5 with it’s slower pacing were pretty good, but apparently the trakt users seem to spot a downward trend.
Also, I recently started reading the comics, and by now I’ve surpassed the show’s plot, so I don’t really want to talk about the impending season 5 finale and possible outcomes of the Alexandria conflict, but boy do I like that franchise. I can only hope it continues to gain momentum, so season 6 can become great once again, and trust me, the comics deliver a lot of good material for coming seasons.


That plot could have come straight from my personal ratings.
Season 1 was great, season 2 was okayish, season 3 was meh and I stopped watching a few episodes in.
While a lot of people in my peer-group seem to like Elementary, especially in comparison to BBC’s Sherlock, I’m conflicted about it. Yes, Elementary has the better female characters, Watson is great and we all know it. Yes, Elementary’s Sherlock is a more human character with flaws which he even acknowledges, while BBC’s Sherlock is a super-human ball of intellectual superiority with a total lack of humanity. But in its heart, Elementary remains a standard CBS procedural, another Law & Order with better characters (I’ve never seen L&O, I’m just guessing here) and a pool of existing canon to reference. As I said, I really enjoyed the show for about 2 seasons, but with season 3 I lost interest pretty quickly. Maybe it was because of Watson’s substitute character, maybe it was because the solution to the crimes they were working on became more and more outlandish, or maybe it’s just because I’ve grown tired of the formula.
That’s another thing BBC’s Sherlock has going for it compared to Elementary: There’s just so few of it. Of all 9 episodes of Sherlock, we can probably agree that there are 5 or 6 good ones. Compare that to a corpus of 65 episodes of Elementary, of which… I don’t know, but probably only a few are really good.
Anyways, I won’t pick Elementary back up unless there’s a drastic spike in ratings or something, and I won’t miss it.

Show’s I didn’t pay a lot of attention to

And now, let’s look at a few shows with notable downward trends about which I can’t really say anything because I just don’t care ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Seems about right. Only watched the first 2 seasons and from then on I just couldn’t take it anymore. To much embarrassment-by-proxy (we usually call it Fremdscham).

Modern Family

Never seen it, so make of this what you will.
Looks pretty, though.


While I listen to people on podcasts who love Supernatural, I never got around to it. 10 seasons are a lot, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it just lost momentum.


Procedurals are not my thing.

Pretty Little Liars

Don’t even know what that show is about.

Two and a Half Men

Thank god that thing is over. Can we, as a society, move on now?
Dat nosedive tho.

2 Broke Girls

Insert joke about Kat Denning’s impressive bosom.

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