I’m late to the game, I know, but I’ve been keeping a list of notable shows I watched in 2015 since spring, and I think I owe it to past-me to put that in blog-form.

Titles which are striked through are shows I stopped watching at one point.

Dig (trakt)

Primary reason I watched it: Jason Isaacs. I loved him in Awake, even though that show was… well, ungracefully ended.
It’s basically a global conspiracy show set primarily in Israel, with a lot of classic conspiracy stuff going on. Themes include archeology, religion and all that jazz. It’s okay.

American Crime (trakt)

A show about crimes in different demographics. While the general idea is interesting, I couldn’t stand to watch it further due to incredibly unlikable characters.

The Jinx (trakt)

A true crime documentary, you probably already heard about it. It’s about Robert Durst and the skeletons in his closet. Definitely worth a watch. Tim Goodman described it as “the TV version of Serial”, and I couldn’t describe it better.

The Last Man on Earth (trakt)

It started out as an interesting setting for a comedy, then it got really annyoing, and then stuff might have gotten better. I haven’t started s02 yet, so I don’t really know how it turned out, but well. It’s there.

iZombie (trakt)

I was a little surprised by iZombie. For one thing: It didn’t suck. At it’s core it’s still a crime procedural, but hey, the protagonist is a zombie, so that’s new. While the “big” player in the zombie genre on TV is still The Walking Dead, I think it’s nice to have other shows like In the Flesh or now, iZombie, to take the whole zombie thing and spin it in a different direction.

Better Call Saul (trakt)

I think that’s an easy one. If you enjoyed Breaking Bad, you’re probably interested in exploring the backstory of Saul. To make it short: I liked it, and I hope it’ll continue to do fine.

Humans (trakt)

Probably my favorite sci-fi show this year. It explores the idea of very realistic robots, called Synths, that are supposed to help people – But of course some of them gain consciousness and all kinds of shenanigans happen. It’s interesting, watch it.

Mr. Robot (trakt)

Favorite non-scifi show this year. I really don’t know what to tell you about this show without spoiling it, but let’s mention that it portrays hacking realistically. Yeah you read that right. Hacking. Realistic. On TV.

Fear the Walking Dead (trakt)

What happened before The Walking Dead, in a different part of the country? That’s what this show is about. As a person who likes backstory, I really liked it.

Minority Report (trakt)

So horribly, horribly bad.

Quantico (trakt)

Kind of a mix of Homeland and… I dunno. FBI, conspiracies, stuff. Okay show.

Supergirl (trakt)

It could have been good. And yes, it’s portrayal of female characters is cool and all, but over all it bores me to death. Sorry.

Jessica Jones (trakt)


Daredevil (trakt)

See Jessica Jones, remove David Tennant, add other cool stuff.

The Man in the High Castle (trakt)

I had never seen an alt-history tv show before, and boy did I enjoy it.

Blindspot (trakt)

The Blacklist(ish). Light entertainment, but not really worth a second look.

Master of None (trakt)

It feels like a random collection of tales from a modernish person, and… that’s pretty much it. Kind of a palette cleanser type show for me.

Dark Matter (trakt)

People wake up on a space ship and have no memories of each other, their lives or identities. Season 1 was interesting, I really really hope it doesn’t suck from here on out.

The Expanse (trakt)

All I wanted was a good sci-fi show, and this year I got two. To keep it simple, I have high hopes for The Expanse, there’s a lot of potential and I can’t wait for the rest of the season.

True Detective (Season 2) (trakt)

I loved season 1 so much, so I feel obligated to mention season 2 because of the high hopes I had, but boy do I not care at all for anyone in season 2. I haven’t even finished watching it yet.
This saddens me.