Last time I mentioned how I set up @whatever_ebooks, a bot that’s basically an amalgamation of a part of my twitter social circle.
But why stop there?
Because it’s a shitty idea and nobody gives a fuck.
But it’s not like I’ve let that ever stop me.

So, here’s a fresh round of stuff for you to enjoy for 5 seconds and then forget about:

  • @toptweets_ger:
    • A bot that’s fed some of the popular jokey twitter people in the German twitterverse.
  • @fefe_ebooks:
    • While I still can’t believe nobody has done this before apparently, I just did it. I scraped fefe’s blog and used that corpus for a twitter bot. Because that’s what I do these days.
  • @botoficeandfire:
    • Next in the round of twitter bots made with twitter_ebooks that are not actually twitter accounts. Yeah, I used all the A Song of Ice and Fire books in plaintext, which I had lying around anyway, and fed them to the bot. And now there’s that.

All the bots reply to mentions and DMs, and they’re all are powered by mispy’s ruby gem, which is probably not ideal for at least two of the bots above, but at least I have a grasp of the basic usage and I’m too lazy to spend any more time on projects like this.

Anyway, that’s my gift to humankind for this week.
Have fun.