Awwwwwyeeeah, time for another round of Marvel/Netflix local reluctant more ore less heavily troubled heroes of the peopleTM up in here.

It’s our favorite guy with red bondage outfit, our favorite foul-mouthed functioning(ish) alcoholic, our favorite non-green conscious Hulk, and the scrawny dude with the weird culutral appropriation vibes going on. Also, his fist is glow-in-the-dark kinda.

Before I start, here’s my ranking of the protaginists so far:

  1. Jessica Jones
  2. Matt
  3. Luke and Claire
  4. Foggy
  5. Most others
  6. The rich white guy with the gimmick hand and the I’ve been through a lot-voice

Assorted notes

I kinda watched the whole thing in one go, it’s only 8 episodes anyway, so here’s a bunch of notes.


  • Awww man, I need more Foggy
  • Jessica Jones <3
  • Luke telling white kid about privilege 👍
  • Sidekick women being side-sidekicks, could need less sidekicking and more ass-kicking :/


  • Characterization by dinner, classic
  • Stick tells Danny he’s a dumbass, and I appreciate that
  • How did Black Sky know when Alexandra made the proper statement for her dramatic entran— oh wait Jessica topped it, nevermind
  • Did I mention how I think Jessica Jones is the best thing to come out of the Marvel/Netflix thing?


  • Ah yes, the old “Protagonist tries to talk brainwashed old friend/lover back to reality through the magic of love”-thing, isn’t it?
  • Goddammit Elektra still sounds like a porn star super villain
  • Mme Gao is awesome, yet terrifying1
  • The whole “my child”-thing is kind of creeping me out by now
  • Stop trying to make me care about Elektra, it’s not going to happen
  • Right, boredom fist has a lady sidekick, I wish she was character
  • Oh nevermind, the gave her the conflicted about sensei thing, I forgot
  • “Nice ears” … did I mention I love Jessica?
  • Stick <3
  • Still not caring about Elektra ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


  • Yeah yeah, reluctant hero troop fights among themselves, yadda yadda, they’ll work together eventually and we all know it
  • Danny m(
  • Okay, maybe now I care about Elektra a little, even if her name sounds like electric nachos2


  • I’m tired of the “we are the law here, you need to tell us everything”-shit stalling the plot.
  • “There is no plan” - “I can tell” something something burn center
  • Heros have to destroy part of the city they’re trying to protect.
  • Yes, soft-avengering. Less aliens, more magic ninjas.


  • “I’m not hugging you” – Luke is just a treasure.
  • Looks like Colleen at least gets her expected closure, so there’s that
  • Had to google how her name is spelled, and wait, “Misty Knight”? Oh come on. She’s getting herself a hero outfit, right? (Addendum: She now lost her arm, so yeah, I’ll assume that might be origin story stuff)
  • “It’s ‘Iron Fist’” - “I know” – Jessica <3
  • Ah, the classic quantum bomb timer, where time moves slower when you don’t look at it
  • Something tells me that a collapsing building would have a bigger radius of destruction than that, but oh well
  • Yeah, not buying that implied off-screen death, no emotional impact was had3.
  • Assuming “Alias Investigations” is a comic thing? Welp, don’t care as long as there’s more Jessica Jones.
  • So not surprised.

  1. Don’t tell me about etymology, I know, I know. [return]
  2. Someone page /r/bandnames [return]
  3. “The series was renewed for a third season in July 2016” [return]