“Switchback” Is About Text Processing

If you were into PC gaming in the early 2000s, there’s a good chance you’ve seen at least one video of Counter Strike gameplay with this song as the soundtrack:

Why Can't I Hold All These Bots

Last time I mentioned how I set up @whatever_ebooks, a bot that’s basically an amalgamation of a part of my twitter social circle. But why stop there? Because it’s a shitty idea and nobody gives a fuck. But it’s not like I’ve let that ever stop me. So, here’s a fresh round of stuff for you to enjoy for 5 seconds and then forget about: @toptweets_ger: A bot that’s fed some of the popular jokey twitter people in the German twitterverse.

There's a New Bot in Town

Well hello there. For no particular reason whatsoever, I set up a new twitter bot that’s fed by some of the people in my extended twittersphere. You can look if you’re in the mix in the bot’s followings. If you think that’s a shitty idea 1, you can message me in any way you care and tell me to GTFO. If you’re looking for more backstory, I don’t know what the fuck is wrong with you, but maybe somewhere here is the place to look.

Service Interface Changes in a nutshell

Am Beispiel der jüngsten Twitter webinterface Deisgnänderungen. Auch anwendbar auf Facebook webinterface Designänderungen, mobile clients, etc. yadda yadda. $service changes interface design of $client People complain about changes People complain about complaints about changes, note that 3.1 $client is inferior to their preferred client anyway 3.2 Nobody uses $client anyway People are offended by people from previous point Arguments about quality of clients Arguments about annoying topics repeating themselves over and over Meta-comments about the nature of such arguments You realize why muting and filtering are really good options to have You are also reminded of how you hate everyone on the internet all the time Go to 1.