Star Trek TV Shows – In Data

Star Trek. It’s a thing.
Not only is it a thing, it’s also a big franchise. You might have heard of it.
If you happen to fall into my sociodemographic bracket, you might not have particularly strong …

Video Compression is Magic

If you’re like me, you probably have a serious issue with digital hoarding, refuse to delete anything and methodically collect and categorize all the things.
We need help, yes.
In the meantime, …


Everybody loburpes Rick and Morty, and rightly so.
It ticks all the cynical boxes full of nihilistic meta-humor and what not, while satirizing pretty much everything.

So, yeah, I’ll plot the …

Remember Twin Peaks?

Twin Peaks came, Twin Peaks got weird, Twin Peaks went away and recently it came back.
That’s the short story.
Like many people who thought the original series was extraordinarily weird, yet somehow …

Quickly Compare your TV show ratings to

I’ve posted this little snippet a while ago, but I thought it would be nice to update it to work again.

library(tRakt) # devtools::install_github("jemus42/tRakt")
library(dplyr) …

Something About GDQ

Everybody likes Games Done Quick, and the events have contributed significant amounts to charity.
I just wanted to look at how much exactly.

gdq_raw <- …

I analyzed some world penis data - because why not

Edit: 2016-12-18 02:13:19

Please note that this analysis is out of date and the code to acquire the data no longer works, since the source website has restructured and I have not found a way to …

So Cougar Town Ended

So Cougar Town ended, and I don’t know how I feel about that.

Well, trakt knows hout they feel about it.


cougars <- trakt.get_all_episodes("cougar-town") …

So I threw R at a thousand(ish) TV shows

Analyzing TV shows seems to be what I do these days.
So I wanted to keep my newfound calling going and sucked the data for about a thousand shows out of the API, which was nice enough to …

Overanalyzing TV Shows

EDIT 2017-08-14: I’ve fixed all the code so it works and is up to date. Side effects include the text not necessarily matching the data. Whoopsie.

Overanalyzing tv shows has kind of become my jam. So …

Finding L3viathan

Neulich hatte L3viathan seine openpaths-Locationdaten vergisted, und da ich Spaß an R habe und neulich ja schon Dinge zu ebenjenem Anwendungsfall schrob, warf ich dann mal ein paar Dinge drauf. Hier …