New Phone Smell

As of my most recent impulse-buy, I’m now a mildly unashamed owner of a OnePlus 5, and I thought I’d jot down some thoughts about that.
The OP5 is a farily sizeable upgrade for me, coming from a OnePlus One I quite enjoyed.
I …

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Remember Twin Peaks?

Twin Peaks came, Twin Peaks got weird, Twin Peaks went away and recently it came back.
That’s the short story.
Like many people who thought the original series was extraordinarily weird, yet somehow intrigueing, I of course watch the current …

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The Bottomless Pit of Educational Youtube

Youtube is great.
Not only is it a great source of entertainment, it’s also a great way to drown out the ever growing numbness accompanying the vague, yet menacing void slowly encompassing everything that is and ever will be.
Also, it can be …

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Something About GDQ

gdq_raw <- read_html("") %>%
        html_table(fill = TRUE)

gdq <- bind_rows(
  gdq_raw[[2]] %>%
  mutate(event = "AGDQ"),
  gdq_raw[[3]] %>% 
  mutate(event = …
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