My Summer Spring Cleaning, Part 2

Since it’s now November, I think it’s about time to finish talking about my summer spring cleaning. If you missed part 1 about my personal VPS, you didn’t really miss anything. In this part I’ll talk about my home-server, which is both part of my backup solution and my media storage and server. This post should be considered as both me showing off about setting stuff up without any major explosions, as well as a rough reference for anyone who might want to try a similar setup.

My Summer Spring Cleaning, Part 1

Over the past few weeks I’ve been upgrading large parts of my personal server infrastructure, including new hardware in my home and different hosts in the butt cloud^TM. Since I spent half the time of the setup reading through blogposts/tutorials/documentation to get everything going, I thought it’d be a nice idea to summarize the stuff I set up in one blogpost, also giving me the excuse to brag about the stuff I did, to my surprise, without any lasting damages.