Hey Buddy! Doing the Dampe Math

If you’ve ever watched an Ocarina of Time 100% speedrun, or played the game yourself, you’ll probably know about Dampe. As a gravedigger in Kakariko graveyard, he’ll offer to dig up graves for you …

Determine Your Packages Minumum R Dependency

So the other day I was wondering how I could determine the minimum R version I technically need to depend on in my R package, tadaatoolbox. Naturally, I asked #rstats, and I got a neat suggestion …

Star Trek TV Shows – In Data

Star Trek. It’s a thing.
Not only is it a thing, it’s also a big franchise. You might have heard of it.
If you happen to fall into my sociodemographic bracket, you might not have particularly strong …

Create A Backup Script for Your R Packages

So today I was playing around with the installed.packages() function, and I thought to myself:
Boy wouldn’t it be a jolly good time to make some kind of backup script from this?

The idea is …

How to Make the Most of (my) Plex Server

If you’re reading this, chances are I redirected you here because I share my Plex server with you.
If you don’t know me and don’t care about my Plex experience, move along now and …

Video Compression is Magic

If you’re like me, you probably have a serious issue with digital hoarding, refuse to delete anything and methodically collect and categorize all the things.
We need help, yes.
In the meantime, …

New Phone Smell

As of my most recent impulse-buy, I’m now a mildly unashamed owener of a OnePlus 5, and I thought I’d jot down some thoughts about that.
The OP5 is a farily sizeable upgrade for me, …

So Winter Came, huh?

library(tRakt) # devtools::install_github("jemus42/tRakt")

gameofthrones <- trakt.get_all_episodes("game-of-thrones") %>% …


Everybody loburpes Rick and Morty, and rightly so.
It ticks all the cynical boxes full of nihilistic meta-humor and what not, while satirizing pretty much everything.

So, yeah, I’ll plot the trakt.tv …

Even More Marvel

Awwwwwyeeeah, time for another round of Marvel/Netflix local reluctant more ore less heavily troubled heroes of the peopleTM up in here.

It’s our favorite guy with red bondage outfit, our …

Remember Twin Peaks?

Twin Peaks came, Twin Peaks got weird, Twin Peaks went away and recently it came back.
That’s the short story.
Like many people who thought the original series was extraordinarily weird, yet somehow …

I Just Wanted to Serve Images

Ever since my blog has been migrated to blogdown, blogging is kind of fun again.
Not only do I slowly feel like I’ve understood the basics of Hugo, but now tweaking my blog feels like an …

The Bottomless Pit of Educational Youtube

Youtube is great.
Not only is it a great source of entertainment, it’s also a great way to drown out the ever growing numbness accompanying the vague, yet menacing void slowly encompassing …

Quickly Compare your TV show ratings to trakt.tv

I’ve posted this little snippet a while ago, but I thought it would be nice to update it to work again.

library(tRakt) # devtools::install_github("jemus42/tRakt")
library(dplyr) …

Blogging still sucks, but now I can tolerate it

I’ve talked about it here and there, and it’s still true:
Blogging still sucks.
Not for everyone, not for everything, but for at least some people, there’s always either something …