Bookdown is neat and automation is hard

Anyone and their hamster is writing bookdown books these days, and that’s arguably a good thing – because as long as everything renders nicely, it’s a pretty easy way to get some knowledge out there.

But then there’s the case where …

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Star Trek TV Shows – In Data

Star Trek. It’s a thing.
Not only is it a thing, it’s also a big franchise. You might have heard of it.
If you happen to fall into my sociodemographic bracket, you might not have particularly strong feelings about it, but you’re probably aware …

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Create A Backup Script for Your R Packages

So today I was playing around with the installed.packages() function, and I thought to myself:
Boy wouldn’t it be a jolly good time to make some kind of backup script from this?

The idea is simple: R has a minor version update, possibly …

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How to Make the Most of (my) Plex Server

If you’re reading this, chances are I redirected you here because I share my Plex server with you.
If you don’t know me and don’t care about my Plex experience, move along now and watch something good on YouTube.

For a decent Plex …

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