My Summer Spring Cleaning, Part 2

Since it’s now November, I think it’s about time to finish talking about my summer spring cleaning. If you missed part 1 about my personal VPS, you didn’t really miss anything. In this part I’ll talk about my home-server, which is both part of my backup solution and my media storage and server. This post should be considered as both me showing off about setting stuff up without any major explosions, as well as a rough reference for anyone who might want to try a similar setup.

Whee, more Black Mirror!

Black Mirror is back and the internet is collectively splurging all over the place like some sort of weird masturbatory analogy I can’t seem to find my way out of. Anyway, Netflix once again manages to give us more of what we already love and now there’s quite literally 100% more of Black Mirror than last week. Well, technically not quite 100% because of that christmal special bumping the previous episode count from 6 to 7 but whatever, you get it and “roughly 185.

My Summer Spring Cleaning, Part 1

Over the past few weeks I’ve been upgrading large parts of my personal server infrastructure, including new hardware in my home and different hosts in the butt cloud^TM. Since I spent half the time of the setup reading through blogposts/tutorials/documentation to get everything going, I thought it’d be a nice idea to summarize the stuff I set up in one blogpost, also giving me the excuse to brag about the stuff I did, to my surprise, without any lasting damages.

Oh Great, Another Blogging Engine

Es ist noch nichtmal ein Jahr her, dass ich zuletzt alles wegwarf und neu machte, demnach ist es höchste Zeit, dass ich mal wieder alles wegwerfe und neu mache. Damals dachte ich, dass mit octopress 3 und etwas mehr Verständnis für die inner workings von Jekyll alles besser werden würde, aber das war wohl etwas optimistisch. An octopress hat sich seitdem nicht wirklich etwas getan, und die darauf basierenden Jekyll-plugins, das immer noch nicht fertige(?

“Switchback” Is About Text Processing

If you were into PC gaming in the early 2000s, there’s a good chance you’ve seen at least one video of Counter Strike gameplay with this song as the soundtrack:

Why Can't I Hold All These Bots

Last time I mentioned how I set up @whatever_ebooks, a bot that’s basically an amalgamation of a part of my twitter social circle. But why stop there? Because it’s a shitty idea and nobody gives a fuck. But it’s not like I’ve let that ever stop me. So, here’s a fresh round of stuff for you to enjoy for 5 seconds and then forget about: @toptweets_ger: A bot that’s fed some of the popular jokey twitter people in the German twitterverse.

There's a New Bot in Town

Well hello there. For no particular reason whatsoever, I set up a new twitter bot that’s fed by some of the people in my extended twittersphere. You can look if you’re in the mix in the bot’s followings. If you think that’s a shitty idea 1, you can message me in any way you care and tell me to GTFO. If you’re looking for more backstory, I don’t know what the fuck is wrong with you, but maybe somewhere here is the place to look.

Remember the X-Files?

With the return of the X-Files in form of a miniseries, I was tempted to catch up on the original run of the show, since I had only seen the occasional episode in the late 90’s or early 00’s (my mom was a big fan). Being me, I already looked up the X-Files episodes ratings on to see if there’s something interesting about them, but I didn’t think there was. However, when I listened to the Incomparable talking about the show, I learned that apparently X-Files can be divided into the “myth arc” and regular, more stand-alone episodes. That’s when I realized I need to get my tv show analysis boots on and try to see what I could do. To my delight, I noticed that the appropriate Wikipedia article neatly marks the myth arc episodes, ready for plucking.

And then I started plucking.

2015 TV Recap

I’m late to the game, I know, but I’ve been keeping a list of notable shows I watched in 2015 since spring, and I think I owe it to past-me to put that in blog-form.

Jessica Jones recap

So I’ve been watching Marvel’s Jessica Jones over the past couple days, as one does, and I have opinions and stuff about it. However, since I believe that a plot is worth more than word stuff, I present to you my viewing expierence in data.

Oh, It's Octopress. Again.

Blogging-Systeme auszuprobieren ist über die Jahre wohl zu meinem Sekundärhobby geworden. Diverse Versionen von Blogger/Blogspot, Wordpress (.com und self-hosted), und natürlich jekyll/octopress. Ich dachte, jetzt wo ich gerade die frische Version octopress 3 aufgesetzt habe, wäre ein guter Zeitpunkt mal etwas zu reflektieren. Wie alles begann Ich fand bloggen immer irgendwie interessant – gar nicht so, weil ich viel zu erzählen gehabt hätte, eher im Gegenteil – die Idee mir da eine Platform aufzusetzen, auf der ich mich austoben und/oder darstellen kann, schien mir einfach nach Spaß.

Plex and Emby

Having a media center and appropriate infrastructure in your own home is a nice thing. Besides questions about hardware specifications, there’s also the the matter of software to use. Personally, I’m a reasonably satisfied FreeNAS user, so my base of operation is a collection of FreeBSD jails (Think virtual machines, if I understand it correctly). But what to do once you got your NAS set up and running, ready to serve all the media you have presumably acquired on a strictly legal basis over the course of multiple years?

I analyzed some world penis data - because why not

Edit: 2016-12-18 02:13:19

Please note that this analysis is out of date and the code to acquire the data no longer works, since the source website has restructured and I have not found a way to reproduce the old behavior. Also, the current analysis is located at, so please go there for up to date code and analysis. It’s prettier. And better.

If there’s one thing I just can’t resist, it’s publicly available tabular data containing adequate amounts of numeric values. Naturally, I couldn’t resist the World Penis Data I stumbled upon somewhere over at Reddit.

So, let’s suck that data out of the web and put it into our favorite data structure.

Quickly Compare your TV show ratings to

library(tRakt) # install via devtools::install_github("jemus42/tRakt") library(dplyr) library(tidyr) library(ggplot2) get_trakt_credentials(username = "Your Username") slug <- "dig" # Slug from show url trakt.user.ratings(type = "episodes") %>% filter(show.slug == slug) %>% arrange(season, episode) %>% select(rating, season, episode, title) %>% mutate(season = factor(season, ordered = T)) %>% rename(user.rating = rating) %>% left_join((trakt.get_all_episodes(slug) %>% select(rating, title, epnum))) %>% gather("type", value = "rating", user.rating, rating) %>% ggplot(data = ., aes(x = epnum, y = rating, colour = type)) + geom_point(size = 6, colour = "black") + geom_point(size = 5) + ylim(c(5, 10)) + scale_colour_discrete(labels = c("My Rating", "Trakt.

So Cougar Town ended

So Cougar Town ended, and I don’t know how I feel about that. Six seasons can be a very long time, and not every shows handles the aging process well. Cougar Town was not one of those shows in my opinion, which is largely due to the show’s self awareness and continued jokes about exactly that. The last season was a rough decline, with Bobby leaving and all, but at least we got a few more bromance jokes out of that, soo… yay?

Shows going down the drain lately

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but lately I’ve done a lot of stuff with tv shows. Along the way, I noticed some trends with a few shows which seemed quite interesting to me, namely some shows were going straight down the drain, at least as far as their recent ratings are concerned. The projects I’m referring to are these two: 100 Popular Shows on 100 Trending Shows on trakt.

So I threw R at a thousand(ish) TV shows

Analyzing TV shows seems to be what I do these days. So I wanted to keep my newfound calling going and sucked the data for about a thousand shows out of the API, which was nice enough to only fail on me, like, twice. So, after some time of intense data pulling, I found myself with the more or less complete data (show info, season info, episode data) for 988 shows (and that’s why I keep referring to 1000(ish)).

Yay! tRakt is now on CRAN

As of today, I have my first package published on CRAN. In the grand scheme of things, that’s not really a big deal, since CRAN doesn’t have any quality standards regarding the content of a package, they just verify that the package can be installed and run without breaking horribly. Still, I’m quite happy about this minor achievement. Not because I’m particularly proud of my package, but rather since I consider it as a small verification of my ongoing path to become an R developer that doesn’t embarrass himself more than necessary.

Overanalyzing TV Shows

Overanalyzing tv shows has kind of become my jam. So why not totally overdo it. Note that everything I describe in this blogpost is purely for the lulz, and I don’t pretend there’s any scientific merit to it. I just like throwing maths at data. After I more or less succesfully plotted all the things, I wanted to go full blown statisticy on the subject. While my knowledge of statistics isn’t nearly as extensive as I’d like it to, I at least know a little about comparing groups.

Introducing tRakt

It’s been a while since I started working on a set of functions to pull data from I documented part of the early process in an earlier blogpost, and since then I started aggregating my work into a proper package. Since trakt launched their new APIv2, I started to rewrite and ehance the package a little, also solidifying the whole authentication business. I have not implemented any OAuth2 methods, but since the purpose of this package is to pull a bunch of data and not to perform actions like checkins, I don’t think it’s a big deal.

Something something tvshowstwentyfourteen

Yet another year has oh screw this bullshit you know what’s up. TV shows, I watched them this year as well, here are some of the ones I liked. A Young Doctor’s Notebook Based on russian stories, Harry Potter finds himself as a young doctor, deployed to a lonely hospital in the midst of the russian nowhere. Some revolution stuff going on around him and lots of heroin to keep him company.

Solving problems nobody ever has

Remember that last post? No? Good. Then don’t scroll down. Or do. Idunno. One thing I wanted for my more-or-less-automated TV show plots was appropriate colors to differentiate seasons. I assume that’s a problem we can all relate to. Of course in the R and ggplot2 bubble, there’s the RColorBrewerpackage that provides nice and easy color palettes of varying sizes. But that’s boring. Also, repetitive. So let’s fix that.

I just wanted to rewatch Stargate

Stargate SG-1, while probably a mediocre show in the grand scheme of sci-fi shows, it’s the sci-fi show I grew up with, so I tend to enjoy rewatching parts of it occasionally. Well, at least I rewatched it twice so far. The full thing. 10 seasons. Yep. Even those last two. So this time, I wanted to cherry-pick the good™ episodes, and of course efficient cherry-picking in 2014 involves R, the trakt.

Finding L3viathan

Neulich hatte L3viathan seine openpaths-Locationdaten vergisted, und da ich Spaß an R habe und neulich ja schon Dinge zu ebenjenem Anwendungsfall schrob, warf ich dann mal ein paar Dinge drauf. Hier so das Ergebnis. L3vipaths This uses l3vi’s location data. For science shits ‘n giggles. Importing the data in R ```r load it read it rename it convert it factor it sort it attach it library(rjson) library(ggplot2) library(maps) library(ggmap)

Service Interface Changes in a nutshell

Am Beispiel der jüngsten Twitter webinterface Deisgnänderungen. Auch anwendbar auf Facebook webinterface Designänderungen, mobile clients, etc. yadda yadda. $service changes interface design of $client People complain about changes People complain about complaints about changes, note that 3.1 $client is inferior to their preferred client anyway 3.2 Nobody uses $client anyway People are offended by people from previous point Arguments about quality of clients Arguments about annoying topics repeating themselves over and over Meta-comments about the nature of such arguments You realize why muting and filtering are really good options to have You are also reminded of how you hate everyone on the internet all the time Go to 1.

Assortment of Minecraft Youtube stuff

Yadda yadda still not shutting up about Minecraft shit Mehr so als Ergänzung zum “How do I even Minecraft”-Gedöns und partiell als Referenz auf Unsichtabers “Have you heard about Youtube?”-Post gedacht und eigentlich als “Ich muss noch schnell irgend’nen Blogpost raushauen”-Reserveidee behalten, hier ein Konglomerat an Youtubechanneln mit Minecraftcontent, bei denen man ruhig anfangen kann, wenn man erstmal an dem Punkt ist wo Minecraft nicht mehr nur auf der Selberspielebene stattfindet.

How do I even Minecraft?

You ever heard of Minecraft? Neulich habe ich ellenlang über Minecraftperipherie geschwafelt, ohne auch nur ein Mal das eigentlich Spiel zu erwähnen. Das Resultat waren eine handvoll verwirrte Menschen, die tatsächlich anfingen Minecraft zu spielen. Ohne wirkliche Idee, wie. Ich dachte, ich1 gebe mal ein kurzes Minecraft 101. Eigentlich ist es auch weniger ein “How to Minecraft” sondern eher ein “How do I figure out how to Minecraft”. I’ll help those who help themselves ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Ich wollte doch nur Minecraft spielen

This post exists primarily because I couldn’t sleep and I accidentally ironblogging Blogposts über Minecraft sind jetzt voll im Trend, hab ich beschlossen seit ich Farthens Minecraftpost gelesen habe, jedenfalls, und sowieso. Es folgt daher ein Versuch The Story of Wurstmineberg zu… Beschreiben? Nacherzählen? Naja, irgendwiesowas, was es dann geworden ist lege ich am Ende fest. Alles begann an einem Abend im August 2012 …Vöglein sangen, Grillen… zirpten? Bene nötigte mich mir mal Minecraft anzugucken, weil er unlängst anfing zu spielen und wie Bene so ist wenn Bene so ist wie Bene so ist, ist Bene entsprechend enthusiastisch.

Serien sind die neue Musik

(Anm. d. Autors: Ich fing diesen Blogpost mit einer vagen Idee an und beendete ihn mit einer Mischung aus Verwirrung, Scham und Abscheu. Das passiert mir öfters. Ich mach das hier noch nicht so lange, bitte haut mich nicht .__.) Und, nach welchen arbiträren Standards evaluiert ihr so eure Gemeinsamkeiten mit beliebigen Mitmenschen? Früher™ war ja gefühlt Musik das präferierte Distinktionsmerkmal und gleichermaßen Bondinggrundlage der Wahl. Alle mögen Musik, alle mögen irgendwie andere Musik, viele hängen sehr an ihrem über die Jahre feinsäuberlich raffinierten Musikgeschmack, andere hingegen freuen sich einfach so über jeden neuen musikalischen Einfluss.


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