About me

I’m Lukas, or jemus42, or jemsu, or whatever.
My home on the internet is either my twitter account and Mastodon account respectively, or this tumblr I still have for some reason.

I’m primarily interested in tv shows, data analysis and being socially awkward.
If you want to contact me, I really wouldn’t know why, but you can try jemus42@quantenbrot.de

This Site

This is made with hugo and blogdown, using my fork of the Red Lounge theme which I’ve tweaked in some minor and major ways.
It’s not really in a state where I could publish it, but it’s on GitHub for those interested.
The blog itself has a repo here.

Other Places


If, for whatever reason, you feel like you would like to support me financially, here are your options:

I don’t really have any reason to ask for support, but sometimes it comes up, so I’d just like to give you options.