I’m Lukas, or jemus[42], or jemsu, or whatever.
It depends on when you got to know me. Or where.

Analogue quasi-portrait

Because a professional portrait would be silly

My home on the internet used to be my Twitter account, which I abandoned in August ‘18 (but am still kind of using? It’s complicated). There have been a lot of other places, but it appears that Twitter is the only hellhole I can’t escape.
Send help.
As of late 2022 however, I’ve more or less fully given up (again) on Twitter.
Find me on the elephant site or don’t.
It’s okay.

This Site

This blog is built with hugo and blogdown, using my fork of the Red Lounge theme which I’ve tweaked in some minor and major ways.
It’s not really in a state where I could publish it, but it’s on GitHub for those interested.

I’ve switched to beautifulhugo, which is the closest to a complete theme for my particular needs I’ve found (and I’ve tried a lot of themes). I still overrode a lot of elements of the theme via CSS (hackily) or overruled layout templates (similiarly shoddily), and I guess I’m slowly getting there. Still not happy with it though, but as long as I don’t have time to dig deeper into Hugo templates it’ll have to do. I just hope it doesn’t completely break on me again with an upcoming Hugo update.

I have switched themes once again, this time to hugo-coder, a much simpler and somewhat more elegant theme that has built-in support for automagic light/dark mode switching based on the CSS prefers-color-scheme property.
I have also switched things up under the hood a lot. For example, I now use server-side code highlighting instead of using prism.js, but that’s a story for a blog post.

The blog itself has a repo on the GitHub rbind organization.

Tip Jar

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