Why Can't I Hold All These Bots

Last time I mentioned how I set up @whatever_ebooks, a bot that’s basically an amalgamation of a part of my twitter social circle. But why stop there? Because it’s a shitty idea and nobody gives a fuck. But it’s not like I’ve let that ever stop me. So, here’s a fresh round of stuff for you to enjoy for 5 seconds and then forget about: @toptweets_ger: A bot that’s fed some of the popular jokey twitter people in the German twitterverse.

There's a New Bot in Town

Well hello there. For no particular reason whatsoever, I set up a new twitter bot that’s fed by some of the people in my extended twittersphere. You can look if you’re in the mix in the bot’s followings. If you think that’s a shitty idea 1, you can message me in any way you care and tell me to GTFO. If you’re looking for more backstory, I don’t know what the fuck is wrong with you, but maybe somewhere here is the place to look.